Using your My Account page
From your dropdown menu, you can navigate to the My Account page, where you can:

See your Siyavula ID, a unique alpha-numeric identifier
View and update your personal and professional information
View and update the country and curriculum you’d like to see
Update your login credentials
View what you have access to on Siyavula
Delete your account

Your personal details
If you change any of your personal details, click on Save changes to update your information.

Professional Information
You can update your professional information here, including your school, and SACE and Persal numbers. You don’t have to fill in any of this information, but you may not enjoy all Siyavula’s features if, for example, we don’t know what school you belong to.

Country and Curriculum
This is automatically set to South Africa, and to the local CAPS/IEB curriculum. However, if you are in another country, you can reset this to your country. You can also view Siyavula’s content as an international (or topic-based) curriculum. Siyavula also offers the Nigerian-based curriculum for teachers from Nigeria.

Updating your login credentials
Your login credentials are used to log in to Siyavula. Your username is usually your email address or mobile phone number. You can change any of your login details here, including your password.

Content Access
Upon signing up you are normally given access to both the Maths and Science practice service, as well as Exam Prep for both subjects. The expiry date for your access will be shown here.

Delete my Account
Should you no longer require an account with Siyavula, you are able to delete your account here, by selecting the Delete my Account button.

If you select this option, you will be asked to confirm your choice before your account is deleted!
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