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Ideas to get your learner activity up during #1MillionMaths

During #1MillionMaths we'll be rewarding teachers who have more than 50% learner activity on their teacher dashboards, over seven days. This simply means that teachers need to get at least half the learners in the grade to do at least five questions in a week. Watch the following quick videos for some ideas:

Idea 1: Five quick questions

Idea 2: Siyavula for homework

Idea 3: A Siyavula lesson

Idea 4: The #1MillionMaths revision assignments

Any learner who opts in to #1MillionMaths will automatically receive the revision assignment for their grade (they need to make sure that their account reflects the correct grade!). You can encourage your learners to complete the assignment - it's good practice for end-of-year exams. You can see a copy of all the revision assignments here.

If you haven't yet opted in to the #1MillionMaths challenge this September, you can do so by opting in here.

Updated on: 16/03/2023

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