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Revision to activate prior knowledge

Revision sections

Each of the chapters in our Grade 8 - 11 Mathematics Practice begins with a revision section, designed to help learners revise and activate prior knowledge in preparation for working through the chapter in their current grade with their teacher.

What each revision section contains

Each revision section contains content covered in the previous two grades, except in the case of Grade 9, where prior coverage is restricted to only Grade 8. Grade 8 revision contains content from Grades 6-7. The section appears at the beginning of each chapter, marked as Revision.

Revision section at the beginning of a new chapter

Unlike all other chapters, learners will not receive mastery stars for the revision sections. However, the progress bar next to the revision section will track their progress.

The revision sections are designed to help learners:
Revisit prior, core concepts and skills that they will need to apply later in the chapter (usually question of easy or medium difficulty); or
Apply the prior core concepts and skills (usually questions of medium or hard difficulty)

How to use the revision sections with your learners

The revision sections are designed to prepare learners for new content you are about to teach, by reminding them of the concepts they've learnt before, which they'll need to build new knowledge. The revision sections can also help learners plug common gaps, identify their weaknesses, and do some remediation.

Before you teach a new section, tell your learners to practise the revision section at the beginning of the chapter. Each revision section contains a number of questions that they can work through, and once they have completed the revision for the chapter, they'll receive a message telling them that they've mastered the revision. Then they'll be ready for you to start teaching the new content!

Revision completion message

You can find the revision sections at the beginning of each chapter of Grade 8 - 11 Mathematics practice.

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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