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Siyavula National leaderboards

Siyavula National Leaderboards

There are three type of national leaderboard on Siyavula:

Learners leaderboard
Grades leaderboard
Schools leaderboard

Our national leaderboards will show learners where they are, relative to other learners in the country. The leaderboards will show your level of mastery for the year, plus the number of questions completed and atoms accumulated for the current month.

To appear on our national leaderboards, you must opt in, either when you sign up, or on your My Account page. Opting in to the leaderboards will enable you to take part in competitions like #1MillionMaths and #HeadSTARt. It also means that you agree that your name and school can appear on the leaderboard.

Where to find the national leaderboards

To find the national leaderboard:

Click on Leaderboards on the navigation menu
Select the leaderboard that you are looking for (either learners, grades or schools leaderboard)

How the learners leaderboards work

There are separate leaderboards for each subject and grade (Mathematics Grade 8 - 12 and Physical Sciences Grade 10 - 12).
In each grade, the learners leaderboards have four leagues, each representing how much of the curriculum the learner has mastered. The leagues are:

Platinum: 75 % - 100% mastery
Gold: 50% - 74% mastery
Silver: 25% - 49% mastery
Bronze: 0 - 24% mastery

Within each league, ranking will depend on the overall mastery (stars earned), then atoms earned and lastly on questions answered. Mastery is shown for all work done in the current year, whereas the number of questions completed and atoms earned are for the current month. The leaderboards are shown for the current month, and are updated once a day.

How to move up the leaderboards

As learners master sections and chapter, their overall mastery will increase, and they will see stars appearing on their practice dashboard. These are mastery stars. To move into the next league (e.g. from bronze to silver), learners must practise regularly, and ensure that once they have mastered a section, they move on to the next section.

How to opt-in for national leaderboards

To take part in grades and schools leaderboards, you will need to opt in to our national leaderboards. You can also opt out of leaderboard participation anytime.

Click on your name on the bottom left.
Scroll down to Competitions and Leaderboards
Click on Update school and grade leaderboard preferences

To opt-in specific grades

Click on I want to opt in specific grades

Tick the grades that you want to be part of the leaderboards
Select the teacher you want to oversee the grade
Agree to the terms and conditions
Click on Save

To opt in the entire school

Select the subjects you want to opt-in
Agree to terms and conditions of the competition
Click on Save

Updated on: 11/12/2023

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