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How to try out Siyavula with your learners [Premium]

Welcome to Siyavula and the One-2-Four Guide!

Four simple, quick activities - over four weeks - will give you the skills you need to incorporate Siyavula into your teaching. After four weeks (or you can follow your own pace), you’ll know the basics of how Siyavula can help your learners improve their Mathematics and Physical Sciences - while saving you time, and giving you in-depth data on how your learners are doing.

Week 1: Register 80% of your learners

From your home page, click on your Teacher Dashboard link.
You will see the individual class that we created for you.
Click on the access code link for the class.
You will see the four-word class access code in green.
You can share the code via WhatsApp or email, or simply write the access code on the board.

Step 2: Learners redeem access code

Learners sign up on, choosing their correct grade and school.
If learners already have an account, they can just log in with their username and password.
Learners select Redeem access code from their main menu, and click on the green Redeem access code button.
They enter the access code and click Submit access code.
Learners will now be linked to your class.

Week 2: Give five quick questions

Step 1: Issue questions to learners

On your home page, click on the* Mathematics questions** or Physical Sciences questions buttons to access the question library.
You can easily browse the questions by grade, chapter and section.
Choose the topic you want your learners to try.
Browse the questions and write down the question numbers, which appear on the right of each question.
Give the question numbers to the learners.
You can also share the question via Whatsapp in order for your learners to get the exact same question.

Step 2: How learners complete the questions

Learners log in to Siyavula with their username and password.
They insert the first question number into the Choose a question box on their home page.
They can answer the question in a book, input the final answer into Siyavula, and review the full solution.
Once answered, they can scroll down to find the Choose a question box and insert the next question number.

Step 3: Checking how your learners did

Click on your Teacher Dashboard button on your home page.
Scroll down to your individual class and select Question Report.
Click on the Change button on the right side of the screen to change the date range and filter the report for just the five questions you issued, and view results for the first attempt only. Click Create Report.
Check the learners’ average result for each of the questions. Identify learners who need more practice and fill out their names on the progress sheet
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Week 3: Send a homework assignment

Step 1: Create your new assignment

Log in to Siyavula and click on Learner Assignments on your home page.
Select to create either a maths or science assignment.
Choose the class who should receive the assignment.
Give your assignment a title.
Browse questions by grade, chapter, and section (to view the question, click on question title)
To choose a question, click on the checkbox on the top right of the question.
Scroll down to schedule and send your assignment (this feature allows you to choose when learners should receive the assignment, as well as the due date).
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Step 2: Learners access the new assignment

After logging in, learners will see a link to the new assignment on their home page.
They can then complete the assignment, as per the deadline you set.
All questions are marked automatically.

Step 3: View and download your assignment report

You can track the learners’ performance on the assignment by doing the following:
From your home page, click on Learner Assignments.
Scroll down to Sent Assignments and find the assignment you want to view.
Click the View button on the right.
Click on Change for different options on the results that you want to view. For example, you can see how many attempts learners made on each question, view only
their first attempt, and even view results before and after the due date.
Click Generate Report.
Browse the progress of each learner.
Click on the Download button to save the report as an excel document.
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Week 4: Assign goal-directed practice for mastery

Step 1: Learners select the subject

After logging in, learners select to practise either Mathematics or Physical Sciences, by selecting the correct button.
Tell them which topic you'd like them to practise.

Step 2: Learners select a sub-section

Learners choose the correct chapter, and click on a sub-section to start practising.
As learners answer questions correctly, they will see their mastery progress in the form of the stars.

Step 3: View learner performance

From your home page, click on Teacher Dashboard.
Scroll down to Classes and click on the Summary Report link below the class name
Scroll to the Summary per chapter and section table, and click on the chapter to view the sub-section.
This will show you the average mastery for your class.
Scroll to the Mastery per chapter table and navigate to the chapter that you directed your learners to practise.
Click on the chapter to view each learner’s mastery percentage.
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Updated on: 13/04/2023

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