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What is Siyavula?

What is Siyavula?

Siyavula is an online maths and science platform for teachers and learners. Teachers can use Siyavula’s online, real-time tools to integrate into their teaching programme by:
• Setting assignments for homework, revision, and formative assessments
• Using our Question Bank to search for questions to use in class and for tests
• Viewing and downloading our comprehensive reports that track learner activity and progress

Siyavula’s content allows high school learners to practise and master curriculum-aligned content from Mathematics (Grade 8 - 12) and Physical Sciences (Grade 10 - 12).

The benefits of using Siyavula

Teachers who use Siyavula as part of their teaching programme:
• Save time, both in finding questions and in having learners’ work marked automatically
• Will have an accurate and measurable view of how their learners are doing, and where they are struggling
• Are able to integrate technology seamlessly into their lessons

How Siyavula helps teachers

Provides teachers with high quality content:

With virtually unlimited questions on our website, Siyavula makes it easy for teachers to search for interesting questions they can use in their teaching, or for assignments and tests. Questions based on past NSC exam papers are also available.

Gives learners an online platform to practise:

Our platform allows learners to practise the important concepts they are learning in class. Teachers can set homework tasks and assignments to revise what is being taught, and learners can also practise independently at their own pace.

Provides learning insights through detailed reporting:

Teachers can track their learners' progress on the Siyavula platform, and download detailed reports on both learner practice and assignments. These reports give detailed information at both a class and individual level, so it's easy to track where learners are struggling and what concepts need to be revised. Reports can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet, making it simple to incorporate Siyavula into term marks.

How Siyavula helps learners

To do well in maths and science, practice is essential! But it can be difficult for learners to know where to start, what to focus on, or whether they’re getting anywhere. Using Siyavula’s learner dashboard, students can answer the following questions:
• What concepts have I mastered?
• What do I still need to work through?
• Where should I focus my revision?
• Am I close to achieving my goals?

When learners practise on Siyavula, they receive immediate feedback on the questions they do, with step-by-step solutions. Errors and misconceptions are corrected in real time.

Updated on: 14/09/2022

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