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Why your child should use Siyavula

Siyavula is a great tool for learning and can assist your child with improving their performance. Here's how:

Siyavula’s online platform enables your child to master the content they need to excel in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, from Grade 8–12 for Mathematics and Grade 10–12 for Physical Sciences.
The questions on Siyavula are created by experienced teachers and content specialists, and are aligned to the CAPS curriculum.
Our system creates multiple versions of each question, enabling virtually unlimited practice.
We offer immediate marking and fully-worked solutions which help learners understand where they’ve gone wrong.
Most of our questions require learners to work out an answer, so we can ask trickier questions.
Our exam questions are based on DBE past papers and give learners exposure to the types of questions they’ll see in future exams.
We ask questions in diverse ways to help address common misconceptions and different reading levels.

To make using Siyavula more convenient for learners, our site is zero-rated on MTN, Vodacom, and Telkom. This means that they don't need data or airtime to access the website. Siyavula can also be used on any device that has internet access.

As a parent, you can link to your child's account to:
Check what concepts he/she has mastered, and assess where your child may be struggling
See if he/she has completed any homework or assignments that a teacher has asked him/her to complete

Learn how to track your child's progress using your Parent Dashboard.

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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