Now, we’ve made it possible for you to also track your child’s progress, with a new Parent Dashboard on Siyavula. This gives you a single place to track your child’s effort and achievement, and to make sure they’re completing their homework and assignments.

The Parent Dashboard is your one-glance dashboard for all the information you need about your child’s learning and activity on Siyavula.
You’ll be able to track your child’s progress by:

Activity: How active a learner has been in the last 7 days, which days they were active, AND how that compares to the week before.
Progress: How the activity is translating into progress towards the overall work required for the year.
Tasks and Assignments: What assignments are queued up for the learner, when they are due, and if everything is up to date.

For a learner to link their parent, he/she needs to log into his/her student account and go to the homepage. Scroll down and click on the green Link a parent account button.

Either party can break this at any time. If the link is broken, then the process of linking needs to be repeated. Siyavula IDs are permanent and will not change.
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