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How to find your Siyavula ID

The Siyavula ID

When learners sign up to Siyavula, they’re automatically given a unique Siyavula ID, which is a seven-digit alpha-numeric identifier. Learners can find their own Siyavula ID if they go to My Account in their main menu.

Why we've created Siyavula IDs
We created Siyavula IDs for privacy reasons so that the email addresses and cell phone numbers used to create accounts could remain private. In addition, having a Siyavula ID means that you have another way of getting into your account. If you forget what username you've used to create your Siyavula account, you can use the Siyavula ID to log in to your account.

Where to find your Siyavula ID

Click on My Account in your main menu.
At the top of your user profile is a unique Siyavula ID, which can also be used to log in to the program.

Where to find your learners' Siyavula IDs
Go to your Teacher Dashboard
Go to the class you’d like to check. Click on Overview, and scroll down to the list of learners.
Check the names: next to each learner’s name is their unique Siyavula ID

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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