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How to log in

How to log in

To log on to your Siyavula Account, visit our website at
Click on the Log in on the bottom left.

You can log in using any of the extensions listed (Facebook, Snapplify, Clever, Microsoft or Google) or you can log in either with your Email address, Phone number or Siyavula ID
Type in your Password
Click on Log in

If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot your password? To reset your password.

If you are logging in for the first time this year, you will be requested to complete the welcome back wizard to confirm the grade, school name and subject. To confirm the school name, type in the first few characters of your school name, and select it from the search list.

Then select your date of birth, language of learning and click on save details

NB: Learn more about how to update your personal details on Siyavula here. As a learner, read more about how to get started on Siyavula here.

Learn more about how to sign-up on Siyavula as a learner by watching this video.

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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