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What to do if you've forgotten your password

If you forget your password, it’s easy to reset it!

If you can’t remember your password when you log in, click on the Forgot your password link.

As a learner, you can also ask your teacher to reset your password.
Reset your password with either:
your mobile phone number
your email address
your Siyavula ID

If you can’t remember any of these, you can send us a message with as much information as you can remember. We will then help you reset your password.
Enter the email address or mobile phone number so we can send you a one-time pin (OTP) to reset your password.

You must have access to this email address or mobile number to receive the OTP
You will receive a five-letter OTP, which you can enter. Click on Confirm OTP.
Finish by choosing a new password, and click Save.

Make sure to choose a password that you will remember.

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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