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Why are my learners not appearing on the class or grade?

Learners not appearing on class list

If a learner is not appearing on your learner list, under Manage class this means that the learner is not linked to your class.

You can read more here on how to share your class access code with your learners so that they can be linked to your class.
Learners can also follow these instructions on how to redeem a class access code.
You can also read more here on how to link learners to your class manually.

This is how to find registered learners in your school or class

Learners not appearing on the grade group

If learners are not appearing on the learner list, under Manage grade instruct the learner to check and update their profile ensuring that they have selected:

the correct school from the search list
the correct grade
the correct subject (s)
the correct curriculum
the correct role (learner)

Learners can update their profiles by following these easy steps:

Click on your name on the bottom left

Click on Update details

Select the correct grade.
Type in the first few characters of your school name, when it appears select it from the search list.

Select the subject(s)

Click on Save

Learn more about why learners are not appearing on the class list or grade by watching this video

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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