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How to share Class Access Codes with Learners

How to share Class Access Codes with your learners

If you have individual classes set up on Siyavula, you can send your class access codes to your learners via email or WhatsApp to allow them to join your class.

You can also give them the class access code and they can link to your class by clicking on Link to a class on the Learner Page.

Once they have joined your class, they will be able to receive the assignments you set for them and they will appear on your class reports.

What is an access code?

When you have individual classes setup on Siyavula, each class has an access code which is unique to that class. If a learner has that access code, they can link themselves to your class/es so that they can receive assignments and so that they appear on your class reports.

Retrieve your class access code

You can find the Access Code of your class by logging into your Teacher Account and clicking on Admin on the bottom right.

Once you have clicked on the Admin, select Access Code on the drop down menu.

The Access Code is made up of four random words written in green.

Share your Class Access Codes with your learners by using any of the following options:

Option 1. Send learners an email or WhatsApp with your class access codes

From your Access Code Page, you can share the access code link with your learners by clicking on the Email or Whatsapp.

If you click on the option to share by WhatsApp or Email, the system will open up an email or WhatsApp for you in the tool of your choice with the content pre-populated - all you will need to do is add email addresses or phone numbers of the learners to send to.

Option 2: Displaying or writing Access Code on the board

You can also display or write the access code on the board and instruct learners to log on to the Siyavula Learner Accounts, scroll down and click on the Link to a class.

Learn more about how learners can redeem the access code here.

You can also watch this video on how to share access codes with your learners.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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