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Learner Duplicate Accounts

How to manage duplicate accounts of learners

Sometimes learners create new accounts instead of logging into the account they have previously created. This is because they either forget their log in credentials or they made a mistake when spelling their email address or they made a mistake with spelling their names.

A user can update their personal details if they are able to log in to their Siyavula Profile.

If they have forgotten their password only but remember which email address or mobile number they used, they can reset their password.

If a learner has forgotten their password as well as the details they used to create the account, a teacher can reset their password.

Managing Duplicate Accounts

As a teacher, you may see one learner listed twice on your class list.

Sometimes a learner may say that they have completed an assignment but you cannot see their results on your class report. If this happens, it generally means that a learner has two or more accounts linked to your class.

To resolve the issue with duplicate accounts:

Find out which account the learner is actually using. You can do this by asking them to log into the account and give you their Siyavula ID for their profile.

Once you have the Siyavula ID, you can look at your class list, find the learners two accounts and unlink the one which the learner is not using.

NB: Once a learner knows their Siyavula ID, they can log in with it as well so they don't need to remember which email address they used.

Print out our Mastery Tracker sheet for each of your learners and let them write down their Siyavula ID and stick into their Mathematics class work book for easy access.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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