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How to view your learner's profile information

How to view your learner's profile information

Log on to your Siyavula Teacher Account.

Select the class or the grade the learner is part of.

Click on the Admin on the bottom right of the Class or Grade.

Select Manage class or Manage Grade on the drop down menu.

On the Manage Class or Manage Grade page, scroll down to the list of learners

Search for the name of the learner and click on Profile

This is the information that you will see and can be used to assist a learner. The information includes:
Learner’s Personal information
Learner’s log in credentials
Classes that a learner is linked to
Account history
The last 50 questions a learner has viewed or answered.
Learner certificates
Learner reports

Learn more about things that you can view from the learner’s profile by watching this video.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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