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The teacher home page

You'll be taken to your Teacher home page when you log in to Siyavula as a teacher. From here, you can navigate to:
Your teacher dashboard
Your assignments page
All Siyavula’s maths and science questions
Our professional development tools
Our national leaderboards
Our professional development tools

If you are a school administrator, you’ll also be able to navigate from here to your school or project overview.

On your Teacher Home page, you’ll immediately see quick links to some of our teacher tools and features. Clicking on one of these quick links will take you to:
Your teacher dashboard: this gives all information about your classes, and your learners’ practice data, and is for any administrative function to do with a class (e.g. resetting passwords, checking access codes, etc.)
Learner assignments: here, you’ll be able to create, update and schedule assignments, and check reports on any assignments sent to your classes.
Maths and Physical Sciences questions: these two links give you access to all Siyavula’s questions, so you can search for a question by grade, chapter, and topic.

Classroom Tools

If you scroll down, you’ll see links to your classroom tools, including:
Your teacher dashboard
Learner assignments
Class leaderboards, where you can create leaderboards for individual classes, or across classes
Maths and science questions

National Leaderboards

To take part in any Siyavula competition, learners must opt in to our learner leaderboards. Teachers can also also opt in to the grade and school leaderboards. If you opt in to the grade or school leaderboards, you'll see your practice statistics compared against other schools in South Africa.

Learners can also opt in and out of leaderboard participation on the My Account page.

Professional development

As you scroll further down the Teacher Home page, you’ll see our tools for professional development, namely:
Diagnostic Evaluation: here, you can evaluate your content expertise for a specific grade by completing a confidential self-evaluation, and at the same time, earn SACE points.
Demonstrate your Mastery: by clicking on this link, you can practise, track your work, and share a report as evidence of your content mastery and professional development efforts. SACE points can also be earned for this professional development.

Any evaluation or practise you do is confidential, and only you can share your results with your school or department. Unless you choose to share your report, your results remain completely confidential.

Organisational tools

If you are a school administrator for your school, or a project manager for a Siyavula project, you will be able to access school or project-wide information here.

A school administrator is someone designated by the school to have oversight over Siyavula at your school. Normally the school’s HOD of Maths or Science, the school administrator could also be a teacher designated as the Siyavula champion, or even the IT person.

Main menu

In addition to the quick links on your Teacher home page, you can also navigate from your dropdown menu, found underneath your name on the top menu. The items on your dropdown menu are:
My Account: here you can find your Siyavula ID, update any of your personal details or login credentials, see what you have access to, and delete your account
Teacher dashboard
My class leaderboards
Diagnostic Self-Evaluation
Demonstrate your Mastery
Maths and Physical Sciences Questions
Schools/Projects (this will only be seen by school administrators or project managers)
Journal: Siyavula’s blog, which we keep updated with news, events, and new product features
Log out: clicking here will log you out of Siyavula

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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