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How to give learners Siyavula question IDs to practise (Browse question)

How to find a question in the question bank

You can use Siyavula's questions in class if you want your learners to practise a concept you're teaching. To find the question you want them to try:

Click on Set work on the navigation menu on the left.
Click on Browse questions
Choose to look at the Mathematics or Physical Sciences question bank

You can filter the questions by the difficulty level (basic, easy, medium)
You can filter by Examining Body (CAPS or IEB)
You can filter by Language (English or Afrikaans)

To find the questions, click on the question bank of the grade of your choice ( For example, Everything Math Grade 11)
Click on the topic of your choice (For example, 1. Exponents and surds)

On the far right of each question in the unique Siyavula question ID

Open the question by clicking on the title of the question.
Once you have chosen the question/s you'd like your learners to try in class, jot down the number associated with those questions and share the number with the learner.

How learners use Jump to content to practice

Type in the Siyavula question ID shared by the teacher under Jump to content

Click on Go

The desired question will appear. You can:

Work out the solution on a piece of paper.
Type in the answer
Click on check answer to receive feedback.

If the teacher has given a learner many Siyavula question IDs, the learner can type the next question ID on the provided Jump to content box on the top right.

Learn more about how to share questions with learners by watching this video.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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