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The menu structure: Set work

What is the new SET WORK item on your menu?

You'll use Set work on your menu panel when you're deciding what you want your class to work on. You can look for questions to use with your class, or set an assignment for your learners to do though the site.

Set work menu item

To set assignments

Click Set work on your menu panel to expand it.
If you are on the Explorer or Premium plan, you’ll see Assignments appear here.
The process for creating an assignment hasn’t changed. On the Explorer plan you’re able to set and send an assignment to everyone in a grade and on the Premium plan you’re able to tailor assignments to specific classes you’ve got set up on Siyavula.

Our assignment-setting feature is only available to teachers on a Premium or Explorer package.

To look for questions

Click Set work on your menu panel, and then Browse questions.
Select either Mathematics or Physical Sciences questions to check out samples of all questions we make available on the site.
From here you can also select a question to work through in class or share the question ID with your learners so they can try it.

Watch this short video to see how to set and check assignments using the new menu navigation

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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