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How to update your details if you are a learner

To update your details as a learner, follow these easy steps:

On your Siyavula Learner Home page, click on your name at the bottom left to view your profile

You will see your Siyavula ID at the top right.

Click on Update my details

Here, you can update your:

Personal information
School and grade
Language preference
Parent details

You can update your details and click on Save when you are done.

NB: Updating your curriculum will change your Table of Contents and This will affect your mastery.

If you change any of your personal details, click on Save to update your information.

Login credentials

Your login details are used to log in to your Siyavula account. If you want to change your email address or cell phone number, click on the blue Update credentials button. You can also reset your password by clicking on the blue Change password button.

If you change any of your login details, click on Save to update your information.


This will show you which classes you are linked to at your school. If your teacher has given you an access code to link to a particular class, you can enter the code by clicking on the blue Link to a class button.

Linked Accounts

You can link your account to your parent's account, so that they can track your progress. Simply click on the blue Link to a parent button. You will need to enter your parent's Siyavula ID to link your accounts together. Alternatively, you can click on confirm if your parent has sent a request to link you to their account. You can also click on unlink to remove a linked parent account on your profile.

Communications preferences

If you'd like to receive news, like information about competitions and opportunities, make sure that you have updated your preferences to Yes. You can update your preferences by clicking on the blue Update preferences button.

Competitions and leaderboards

If you want to take part in Siyavula's exciting competitions like #1MillionMaths and #HeadSTARt, make sure you are opted in. If you are not opted in to the leaderboards, you will need to click on the Participate in competitions and leaderboards button, and confirm that you want to take part.

To take part in the competitions, you must confirm your correct grade. If you are not in the right grade, you will not be eligible to win any prizes.

Additional information on your profile

Content access

When you sign up you are normally given access to both the Maths and Science practice service, as well as Exam Prep for both subjects. The expiry date for your access will be shown here.

Account history

This shows when your account was first created, when you last confirmed your grade, and when last you practised.

Delete my account

Should you no longer require an account with Siyavula, you are able to delete your account here, by selecting the Delete my Account button.

If you select this option, you will be asked to confirm your choice before your account is deleted!

Question history

Here you will be able to see your whole question history, and all the questions you've answered, as well as the answer you gave for each question.

This is useful if you want to ask your teacher about the answer you gave to a question. Just click on the question number on the left, and you'll be taken back to that question!

Learner certificates and learner reports

In these two sections, you can view and download your learner certificate (which shows your overall level of mastery).

You can also view your learner reports, which give a detailed picture of what and how you have practised.


Here you will see which assignments you have worked on.

Learn more about how to update your details by watching this video

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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