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How to update your details if you are a teacher

Using your My Account page

By clicking on the profile link in the sidebar you can access your "My Account" page:

See your Siyavula ID, a unique alpha-numeric identifier (you can use this number to log in to Siyavula)
View and update your personal and professional information
Update your log-in details
See which classes you are linked to at your school (if any)
Participate in competitions and leaderboards, for your school or grade
See what you have access to on Siyavula
Delete your account
See your practice history

Your personal and professional details

Here, you can update your:
Personal information
School and subjects you teach
Language preference
SACE and Persal numbers

If you change any of your personal details, click on Save to update your information.

You will also see whether you have been verified as a teacher on Siyavula. In order to protect the privacy of learners' information, we have to verify that you are a teacher at your school before allowing access to learner results and performance.

Login credentials

Your login details are used to log in to your Siyavula account. If you want to change your email address or cell phone number, click on the blue Update credentials button. You can also reset your password by clicking on the blue Change password button.

If you change any of your login details, click on Save to update your information.


This will show you which classes you are linked to at your school as a teacher.

Communications preferences

If you'd like to receive news, like information about competitions and opportunities, make sure that you have updated your preferences to Yes. You can update your preferences by clicking on the blue Update preferences button.

Competitions and leaderboards

If you want your school to take part in Siyavula's exciting competitions like #1MillionMaths, make sure you are opted in. If you are not opted in to the leaderboards, you will need to click on the Participate in competitions and leaderboards button, and confirm that you want to take part.

Content access

When you sign up you are normally given access to both the Maths and Science practice service, as well as Exam Prep for both subjects. The expiry date for your access will be shown here.

Account history

This shows when your account was first created, when you last confirmed your grade, and when last you practised.

Delete my account

Should you no longer require an account with Siyavula, you are able to delete your account here, by selecting the Delete my Account button.

If you select this option, you will be asked to confirm your choice before your account is deleted!

Question history

Here you will be able to see your whole question history, and all the questions you've answered, as well as the answer you gave for each question.

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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