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How to sign up as a learner

How to sign up as a learner

It’s easy to sign up to Siyavula.

Visit our Siyavula website at

Click on Sign up for a free account under Siyavula for learners

On the Let's get started page, select that you are signing up as a learner.

You can sign-up using any of the extensions listed (Facebook, Snapplify, Clever, Microsoft or Google) or you can select either your email address or Phone number.

Enter your personal details:

- Name
- Surname
- Password (create a new password)
- email address or Mobile number or both.

Click on continue

Select your correct Grade
Select your Subject(s)
Start typing in the name of your school and select it from the list when it appears.

Set your date of birth
Select your Language of learning.

NB: If your teacher wants to link you to a class, tick the box that says I have a voucher or access code

Click on Save details

You will only need an access code if your school has bought a Premium package, and you need to be linked to your teacher's individual class.

Your learner home page

Once you have signed up, you'll land on your Learner Home page and you can start practising!

NB: Learn more about how to redeem access codes as learners here. These are ways learners can practice on Siyavula.

Learn more about how to sign-up on Siyavula as a learner by watching this video.

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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