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My learner home page

Learner Homepage

On the landing page learners will see a welcome screen that displays their name with practice and assignment icons directly underneath.

What learners can find on their home screen

Depending on whether a learner is accessing the website by mobile device of desk/laptop, they will will immediately have access to the sidebar. This will be a drop down menu bar for those using mobile devices.

Learner can access their practice either on the home landing page or on the sidebar under practice. Once there the learners can choose the subject and grade that they want to practice on.

Underneath the practice tab, learners will see the Past Papers tab, where they will be able to access past for both Maths and Physical Science by grade.

On the same sidebar you can find the textbook tab. Our textbooks consist of exercises as well as fully worked out solutions at the end of every chapter.

Next learners can find their leaderboards. Our leaderboards show learners where they rank relative to other learners in the class, school or country. The learner leaderboards will show your level of mastery for the year, plus the number of questions you've done and atoms you've earned for the current month.

Lastly learners can access learner opportunities, where they can browse and apply for scholarship programs, bursaries etc.

Updated on: 20/04/2023

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