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Setting weekly goals

Why it's important to set a weekly goal

Practising regularly and consistently is the key to improving your results in maths and science. But it can be hard to know how to pace yourself throughout the year. To help you get into good practice habits, you can set yourself a weekly goal on your learner dashboard.

Weekly goals

What do the weekly goals include?

There are four levels you can choose from when you set your weekly goal.
Warm up
Put in a steady effort
Take on a challenge
Reach for the stars!

Each level gives you three targets to reach:
The number of questions you aim to complete during the week
The number of atoms you aim to earn during the week (atoms are earned for correct answers to questions, and for completing sections)
The number of section stars you aim to achieve during the week (you earn stars as you master the content in each section)

You have to complete all three of these targets (questions, atoms and stars) to reach your weekly goal.

Which level should I pick?

That’s up to you! The level you pick depends on two things:
The results you’re hoping to get; and
The amount of effort you need to put in to get those results.

This is your goal, so be real with yourself. Pick a level to aim for that’s right for you: If you’re struggling to reach your goal each week, choose a lower level and see how that goes. If you’re smashing it every week, push yourself a little harder and see what you can really do!

How long have I got to reach my goal?

The weekly goals run from Monday to Sunday each week. You can see the dates for your current week just above the goals widget.

At midnight on Sunday your goal counters will empty out and a new week begins. Try and hit the same goal for multiple weeks in a row, or adjust it and try a new one.

Changing my weekly goal

You can change your goal (from your learner dashboard) at any time.

You can only set a goal for the grade you are currently in at school, which should be the grade you have saved in your profile. If you do try content from other grades, you can still see how many questions, atoms and stars you’re getting as you work, but they don’t count towards the goal you set.

Learn more about setting weekly goals by watching this video

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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