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How to use Jump to content

Benefits of Jump to content which appears on the learner home page

Jump to content can be used by learners to search for questions from Siyavula question bank. Learners can find the question IDs by asking their teacher to share with them. Teacher can click on this link to read more about sharing Siyavula question IDs with the learners. This feature can also be used to search for the preset assessments like Baseline assessment and Mastery tracking sheet.

1. Using Jump to content to search for questions using Siyavula question IDs

Type in the Siyavula question ID under Jump to content
Click on Go

The desired question will appear. You can:

Work out the solution on a piece of paper.
Type in the answer
Click on check answer to receive feedback.

If the teacher has given a learner many Siyavula question IDs, the learner can type the next question ID on the provided Jump to content box on the top right.

2. Using Jump to content to search Baseline Assessment or questions from Mastery tracking sheet.

Type in the provided Baseline assessment code or the code of question from Mastery tracking sheet under Jump to content and click on Go.

Learn more about how to use Jump to content by watching this video

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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