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How to practise on Siyavula

Here are a few things to note when practising questions on Siyavula:

Chapters and sections

You can choose to practice a whole chapter or one specific topic at a time. This is done by selecting the checkbox next to the topics listed under a chapter.
To view the topics, click the blue drop-down arrow next to the chapter title.

Once you have selected what you would like to practise, scroll down the page and click on the blue button that says Start practising.

How to answer questions

Once you click on the section you want to practise, you’ll see your first question!

Type your answer here and click Check answer.
You get two chances to put in an answer, so if you get it wrong the first time, you will have another chance to get it right!
Click Help! How should I type my answer? if you need some help with typing your answer in the answer box
When you’ve typed in your answer, it will be marked right or wrong immediately.

We expect you to work out your answers on paper, just like you would in an exam. This is a good habit to get into - write down all your workings as you go along!

Second chance to answer

Siyavula gives you a second chance to check your answers to ensure that you respond to questions correctly. We understand that mistakes do happen and that sometimes you might need a chance to relook at your answers, as you would do in class or while completing your homework.

When attempting a question, you will see that you have two attempts or chances to answer.
Enter your answer into the answer box provided and click the Check answer button to get it marked.
If the answer is incorrect, you will see a blue text box that says Are you sure? Take another look at your answer
Fix your answer and then click the blue Final answer button. If it is correct it will be highlighted in green. If the answer is still wrong, it will be highlighted in red.

You can see a fully-worked solution for any question, whether you got it right or wrong. Click the grey Show the full solution button to see it. Reading through the solution is a great way to learn!

Preview box

As you are typing in your answer, you'll see it appear in the preview box. This is to show you how it will look. You can make sure your answer looks correct before you click Check answer.

Don't forget the help button!

If you are not sure how to type in your answer, use the Help! How should I type my answer? button. This will give you hints on how to input your answer correctly.

Section mastery and moving on

As you practise, you'll receive a message each time you earn a mastery star for getting questions correct. Once you master a whole section, you'll see that you've completed that section. Then you'll know it's time to move on to the next section!

Updated on: 16/04/2023

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