Wits Pre-University Online Courses 2024

University of Witwatersrand Pre-University Online Courses for Mathematics and Chemistry

Many students struggle with their first year Mathematics and Chemistry modules, even when they have passed well in grade 12. To help you succeed in your first year Mathematics and Chemistry courses, Wits is running the pre-university online courses in Mathematics and Chemistry through the Siyavula online platform. These courses are carefully designed by Wits lecturers, and they will help you make a strong start to the academic year. The duration of the pre-university course is 11 to 28 January 2024.

The pre-university Mathematics and Chemistry courses are free, voluntary, and completing them will not affect whether you are admitted to Wits in 2024.

All you need to complete this course is a simple feature phone, smart phone, tablet or computer that is connected to the internet. The Siyavula website is Zero-rated on Vodacom, MTN and Telkom. Click here to learn more about the Zero-rating.

4 steps to complete the Pre-University Online Course

STEP 1. Sign up on Siyavula

NB: Even if you have an existing Siyavula account, for this course you are requested to create a new account. If you try to create an account using an email or phone number that already exist you will not be able to continue. Change your email or phone number to a new one then continue.

Visit www.siyavula.com and create a new learner account and ensure to select the following in order to be linked correctly:

Use your real name and surname as it appears on your official ID book / passport and Wits application documents
Select Grade 12
Select the subjects Mathematics and Physical Sciences, even if you are not doing both subjects.
On school name select Wits Pre-University Maths & Chemistry on the search list as shown below. Do not type this in full.

Make sure that the tick box "I have a voucher or access code" is not ticked, as shown below.

Click here for steps on how to create a Siyavula learner account

First, Log in on your Siyavula account, and find your Siyavula ID in your profile by clicking on your name an the bottom left of your screen.

Then, complete this brief form to consent that your Siyavula performance be shared with the University of Witwatersrand, and capture your Siyavula ID and Wits person number.

STEP 3. Complete the Mathematics and/or Chemistry assignment(s)

The Siyavula assignment is meant to check your level of performance on the high school content that you should have mastered before starting your first year at University.
The assignment will be open from 11 - 26 January 2024. Do not wait until the last day to complete the assignment because you will need a few days to complete Step 4 below: The Mastery Practice.
When you are ready to do the assignment, make sure you have at least 3 hours to complete it.
At the end of the quiz, you will get a mark that indicates your performance. When your mark is less than 65%, you should complete step 4 below, the Mastery Practice. However, which ever mark you get, you are encouraged to complete this as it will be beneficial for you.

For Chemistry, download this document for ease of access while you practice on the Siyavula website. Resource: Periodic Table and datasheet

To complete the assignment, Log-in on your Siyavula and scroll down to Jump to Content. Insert the assignment code below, and click Go, as shown below:

STEP 4. Complete the Adaptive Mastery Practice

The Wits lecturers have carefully selected high school content that you need to master before starting the first year Mathematics and Chemistry courses at university level. To easily access the sections they have selected, click on course's practice codes documents below, and additional notes where applicable.

To complete the mastery practice, Log-in on your Siyavula account and scroll down to "Jump to Content". Insert the practice code, and click Go .The practice code will lead you to a question, do your workings in a paper and insert your answer. The system will mark you answer immediately, and provide a full solution to help you learn. You may click "Try an exercise like this again" or "Go to next exercise".

Track your mastery with the section stars. When you have fully mastered a section you will have 4 stars, as shown below. You will then be ready to move to the next practice section. Return to your home page, by clicking the Siyavula logo at the top-left of your screen, and insert the next practice code for the next section on the Jump to content block.

Click on the links below to access the practice code documents. Download the file in order to easily access and copy the practice codes while you continue practicing on the Siyavula website.
Link to Practice Codes: Pre-University Course Mathematics
Link to Practice Codes: Pre-University Course Chemistry

Visit www.siyavula.com to get started.

Email witssupport@siyavula.com if you experience challenges with using the Siyavula website, NOT your Wits application status. Your query will be attended to within 24 hours during office hours: 08h00-17h00.

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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