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Encourage your learners to set weekly goals

Why it's important for learners to set weekly goals

For learners to improve their results in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, it's important that they practise regularly and consistently. To help your learners get into good practice habits, they will be able to set a weekly goal for themselves on their learner dashboard.

What do the weekly goals include?

Depending on the results they are hoping to get, and the amount of effort they are willing to put in to get achieve those results, learners can choose one of the following weekly goals:
Warm up
Put in a steady effort
Take on a challenge
Reach for the stars

Each level gives them three targets to reach:
The number of questions they aim to complete during the week
The number of atoms they aim to earn during the week (atoms are earned for correct answers to questions, and for completing sections)
The number of section stars they aim to achieve during the week (learners earn stars as they begin to master a section)

Weekly goals

Learners have to complete all three of these targets (questions, atoms and stars) to reach their weekly goal.

Setting and adjusting a goal to be appropriate

Learners can change their goal (from their learner dashboard) at any time. The goal a learner picks should be up to them - this is for their personal motivation. They should be encouraged to choose a level that’s right for them: If they’re struggling to reach their goal each week, they should adjust down to a lower level and see how that goes. If they are reaching their targets with ease every week, they could consider challenging themselves a little more.

The targets for the different levels vary by subject and grade.

Learners can only set a goal for their current grade at school, which should be the grade saved in their profile. They can still try content from any other grade and will still see how many questions, atoms and stars they’re getting as they work, but these do not count towards the goal they set.

What happens when they reach their goal (and when they don’t)

The weekly goals run from Monday to Sunday each week. The dates for the current relevant week are displayed just above the goals widget. Once the learner has achieved their goal for the week, they will receive a congratulatory message!

At midnight on Sunday the goal counters will empty out and a new week begins. Learners can try and hit the same goal for multiple weeks in a row, or adjust it and try a new one.

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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