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Grade 8 - 12 Maths assessments

Siyavula's Grade 8 - 12 chapter assessments

Siyavula has created assessments for almost every chapter in Grade 8 - 12 Mathematics, so that teachers can check their learners' knowledge and skills for each of the chapters they teach. Please view or download a copy of the assignments and their codes here.

The assessments:

Comprise between 10 and 25 questions selected from Siyavula's online question bank
Are immediately and automatically marked
Can be completed on mobile phones or any Internet connected device

Each learner will see a unique but equivalent instance of the questions, which means they cannot copy from one another. As they go through their assignment, learners' work is saved. This allows them to return and complete the assignment in multiple sessions.

How to give learners the assessment

Tell your learners to log in to Siyavula if they already have an account.
If they are using Siyavula for the first time, they should sign up and create an account on the platform.
Once they are in their accounts, they can enter the assessment code you give them in their Jump to content box. This is found on the learners' home page.

The learner home page

If, for example, you want to give your Grade 12 learners the Functions assessment, you would give them the code G12-A-2. Once they type this into their Jump to content box, they'll be taken into the assignment.

Each chapter assessment comes with a unique code

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Updated on: 07/06/2023

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