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Our teacher trial campaign

What is our teacher trial campaign?

Siyavula’s practice platform is used by thousands of teachers in South Africa, to support their teaching of Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Why? Siyavula saves time, and gives teachers unique insights into their learners’ understanding and skills. Teachers who are interested in seeing how they can integrate Siyavula into their classroom are invited to join our teacher trial campaign.

Our teacher trial campaign will take you through detailed instructions on how you can use Siyavula in any part of your teaching cycle:
Use the questions to explain concepts in class
Set homework that is automatically and immediately marked
Tell learners to practise what you’re teaching in class to consolidate their knowledge
Check how your learners are doing with our comprehensive reports

How it works

Teachers who are part of the trial campaign receive a pack of cards that contain:
Information about Siyavula
Some examples of our maths and science questions, to give you an idea of our approach (for both questions, and the fully-worked solutions!)
Action cards that give you step-by-step instructions on how you can use Siyavula in your classroom

The action cards

The action cards are designed to give you a taste of what you can expect if you use Siyavula in your teaching. Some actions are easy - and others will require a bit more work! We encourage you to try out some or all of the actions - and we include further instructions here if you need more help.

Action 1: Log in to your account

We have created an account for you, so all you'll need to do is log in at, using your unique Siyavula ID and the password. These can be found in the covering letter sent to you.
More information on how to log in

Action 2: Browse our questions

With a Siyavula teacher account, you can browse all Siyavula's questions.
More information on how to browse our questions

Action 3: Try an assignment

As a teacher on Siyavula, you can choose the questions you want learners to try. You can then send this to the learners as a homework assignment or an assessment to test their knowledge.
We have created two assignments for teachers, so that they see what their learners would experience.
To try out an assignment, go to Set work on your main menu, and click on the Demo menu item.
You'll then be able to try the assignment we've created for you by entering the assignment ID into the Enter question or assignment ID box.
The maths assignment ID number is M-DA-T.
The science assignment ID number is S-DA-T.

Action 4: Look at our reports

With a premium account, teachers have access to a variety of reports that allow them to drill down to see exactly what an individual learner is doing, or zoom out to view class performance.
By clicking on Check work and then Demo, you can explore our different reports.
These are demo reports, so the information in them is not from real learners. Having a look through the reports, though, will give you a great idea of the kind of information you'd have at your fingertips for your own learners!

Action 5: Our pre-created assignments

We've created assignments for almost every chapter in Grade 8 - 12 Mathematics. These are summary assessments that will test your learners' understanding of that chapter.
Each of these assessments has its own assignment ID, which can be found here.
For more information on how to send an assessment to your learners, follow this link.

Action 6: Get your learners to join

If your learners are using Siyavula for the first time, they should sign up and create an account on the platform.
If they already have an account, you can tell them to log in to Siyavula.
With a premium account, your learners can then be placed into individual classes. You'll then be able to track learner performance at both an individual and class basis, and send work to an individual class.
To do this, you will need to give your learners the access code that you were sent in your covering letter. Once they enter the access code, they will be linked to your trial class.
More information on how to share your access code with your learners

Action 7: Create your own assignment

Now that your learners are linked to your trial class, you can send them an assignment!
Choose any questions from our online question bank, and send them to your learners as homework or as an informal assessment.
More information on how to set and send an assignment

Action 8: Check to see how your learners did

Once your learners have completed the assignment you set, you can check to see how they did.
Go to Check work on your home page, and select your trial class.
Simply click on the Assignment performance tab to see who completed the assignment, and how they did!

You're now an expert!

If you completed all the actions, you're an expert - and we'll be in touch to give you your branded Siyavula mug (we know that teachers need their tea or coffee!).
If you'd like some help or advice on how to try any of the actions, drop us an email at We'd be happy to take you through any aspect of the platform.
If you'd like to chat to someone about our Premium teacher offering, please email us at

If you haven't received a teacher trial pack - and would like to - please contact us at

Updated on: 07/06/2023

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