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How the #1MillionMaths campaign works

Siyavula's annual #1MillionMaths campaign, which runs in September each year, is aimed at encouraging learners to prepare for their end-of-year exams. Practice is essential for learning, particularly for Mathematics and Physical Sciences, and the campaign encourages learners to adopt a goal-directed practice for mastery approach in their learning. During September, learners and schools who opt in to the annual campaign can earn prizes for their hard work on our platform.

Prizes for #1MillionMaths

Learners can win prizes in a daily draw if they meet the practice goals each day.
We will award schools prizes for the hard work their learners do.
At the end of September, learners who are in our Platinum League will be invited to join a final showdown, to pit their skills against learners across the country.

How to make sure you're eligible to win

To be eligible for any prizes, learners must opt in to the #1MillionMaths campaign, if they have not opted in before. Once a learner is opted in, their names will appear on our public leaderboards.
Learners must make sure that they are in the correct grade. Prizes will only be awarded for learners who practice in their own grade.
Teachers need to enter their schools into #1MillionMaths, in order to be eligible for prizes. Once they have opted in, their name and the name of their school will appear on our public leaderboards.

Even if your grade or school is opted in to #1MillionMaths, this does not mean that all the learners at your school are also opted in. Learners MUST opt in themselves on their own accounts to be eligible for learner prizes, and for their names to appear on the learner leaderboards.

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Updated on: 24/08/2023

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