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How the #1MillionMaths campaign works

Siyavula's annual #1MillionMaths campaign, which runs in September each year, is aimed at encouraging learners to prepare for their end-of-year exams. Practice is essential for learning, particularly for Mathematics and Physical Sciences, and the campaign encourages learners to adopt a goal-directed practice for mastery approach in their learning. During September, learners and teachers who opt in to the annual campaign can earn prizes for their hard work on our platform.

How learners can win

During September, there will be a weekly draw for all learners who either:
Earn two mastery stars during the week; or
Move up a league on our public leaderboards
Learners can win a variety of prizes each week.

On 26 September, all learners who are in the Platinum League leaderboard for their grade will be invited to join the final showdown on 27/28 September. This will take the form of a Siyavula assignment. The learners who do the best in the assignment will be declared the Siyavula learner champions for 2022, and will each receive a substantial prize.

To be eligible for any prizes, learners must opt in to the #1MillionMaths campaign, if they have not opted in before. Once a learner is opted in, their names will appear on our public leaderboards. Please see the rules for further information.

How teachers can win

During September, there will be a daily draw for teachers, based on the activity of their learners. To be entered into the draw each day, teachers must either:
Ensure that at least 50% of their learners have done the #1MillionMaths revision assignment that will be sent out on 1 September; or
Have at least 50% of their learners active on the platform over the past seven days (teachers can view the activity rate on their teacher dashboard)

Learner activity over 7 days

To be eligible for any prizes, teachers must opt in a grade/s or the entire school. Once they have opted in, their name and the name of their school will appear on our public leaderboards. Please see the rules for further information. The names of the winners for the daily draw can be found here.

Even if your grade or school is opted in to #1MillionMaths, this does not mean that all the learners at your school are also opted in. Learners MUST opt in themselves on their own accounts to be eligible for learner prizes, and for their names to appear on the learner leaderboards.

How schools can win

The goal for schools is to earn as many atoms as possible during September. Atoms are earned for the school every time a learner does a question and gets it correct. The goal is to earn one million atoms during September! The grades and schools at the top of the leaderboards on 30 September will be declared the winners.

Grade and school prizes will be awarded to the grades or schools that earn the greatest number of atoms over the course of September. Prizes will be awarded to the following grades and schools:
GRADE PRIZE: Mathematics (one for each grade: Grades 8 - 12)
GRADE PRIZE: Physical Sciences (one for each grade: Grades 10 - 12)
SCHOOL PRIZE: Mathematics (for Grade 8 - 12 as a whole)
SCHOOL PRIZE: Physical Sciences (for Grade 10 - 12 as a whole)

Please see the rules for further information.

Updated on: 13/09/2022

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