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How to opt in to the #1MillionMaths campaign

Opting in to #1MillionMaths is easy!

Log in to your Siyavula account.
Click on the #1MillionMaths banner at the top of your page.
Scroll down, and click on the blue button to opt in to the campaign.
If you have already opted in, you can click on the green button to update your opt-in details.

If you do not have a Siyavula account yet, you will need to sign up first. You can either sign up as a learner or a teacher. Remember that's it's free to sign up and use our practice platform!

If you are a learner

When you opt in as a learner, you will be asked to confirm your grade. Please make sure that you select your current grade, as you will not be eligible for prizes if you are not linked to your correct grade.

If you are a teacher

You can opt in to #1MillionMaths as follows:
As a school: if you opt in your school's Mathematics or Physical Sciences department, your school's name will appear on our national schools leaderboard.
As a grade: you can opt in one or more grades at your school. The grades you opt in will appear on our national grades leaderboards, along with the school name, and teacher associated with that grade.

A teacher will represent the grade at a school. If you would like to opt in multiple grades at your school, you can choose a different teacher to represent each grade. The teacher who represents the grade will be eligible for prizes in the daily draw.

Updated on: 16/03/2023

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