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Using the question bank to explain a concept in class

How to find a question in the question bank

You can use Siyavula's questions to help you explain a concept you're teaching. To find a question, click on:
Set work on the menu on the left, and then Browse questions
Choose to look at the Mathematics or Physical Sciences questions
You can view questions by grade and topic, and filter by Examining Body, difficulty level and language.

How to use the question in class

Once you have found the question you want to use, bring it up on your smartboard for your class to see. Click on Do this question to work through it together with your learners. You may also be able to see other versions of the same question.

The difference between our dynamic and static questions

The questions on Siyavula Practice are marked as either dynamic or static. The difference between these is:
Static questions always stay the same – just like the ones on paper. It is important to remember that repeating this kind of question many times (especially in a row) won’t help a learner progress.
Dynamic questions are actually many questions wrapped up as one. Click View another version to see a different question that needs a new answer. But here’s the real magic: different versions of the same question test the same core concept and require the same skills and knowledge. Learners can try as many versions as they like to reinforce learning.

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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