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Learner Performance

Learner Performance

The Learner Performance Report gives teachers an easy-to-view, yet detailed, picture of how a class is using Siyavula. Learner practice will be shown for the year to date, and average mastery across all chapters in the curriculum.

How to view a class summary report:

Navigate to your Learner Performance Report

The class practice report can be downloaded by clicking the DOWNLOAD button on the top right of your screen. The report is downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

At the top of your page you are able to change the following:
Date range to: A chosen month; Month to date; Year to date; or Your own date selection
Mastery data, between: The average of all sections in the curriculum; or the average of only those sections practised by your class.

The report, which can be viewed online, or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet, contains the following information:

Class information: including the name of the class, the teacher’s name, the subject and grade, and the period of the report.
Summary per learner: this gives each learner’s average mastery (either of the entire curriculum or of only the sections practised as a percentage), and the total number of questions completed for the dates chosen.
Summary per chapter and section: this lists the chapters for that grade and subject, and gives an average mastery percentage and the average number of questions done per chapter, for that class. You can choose to expand each chapter, to see practice data for each section in the chapter. There is also a heatmap, which shows at a glance which sections have been practised most.
Learners’ mastery progress per chapter: this table shows the mastery level each learner has achieved for each chapter in the curriculum.
Learners’ exercises completed per chapter: this table shows how many questions each learner has completed in each chapter.

Youtube video link available here

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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