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Practice Dashboard

Practice Dashboard

The Practice Dashboard shows the efforts and Mastery of learners across all topics. This is where you can see the exercises completed by learners and compare speed vs mastery.

Navigate to your practice dashboard.

This dashboard allows you to:

Change /filter dates as you wish - This allows you to see data for the day, week or month you need

View completed exercises - This feature helps you track how your learners' completion rate

View mastery per learner - Mastery tracking is great way of assessing how well you learners are grasping the various topics and chapters that they are working on

Compare speed vs mastery - This feature helps you assess the speed at which your learners are completing questions vs how many questions they are actually getting right

Download practice reports per learner (Which includes: exercises completed, points attempted and earned as well as mastery)

Link to Youtube video link here

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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