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What are Siyavula's teacher tools?

The tools you can use to support your teaching

Question Bank

1. Question Bank

As a teacher, you have access to all of Siyavula’s questions in our question bank, making it much easier for you to find questions on a particular topic.
The question bank orders questions by subject, grade, topic, and difficulty level. You can view and answer any questions in our question bank.

2. Assignment-setting

Siyavula’s assignment-setting feature allows you to choose the questions you’d like your learners to practise. You can use them for homework, revision, or assignments and don’t need to create your own content. Assignments are available only to teachers on our Premium or Explorer packages.
Click on this link for more information on how to set an assignment.

3. Reports

The Siyavula reports give teachers immediate, detailed information on how their learners are practising, and how they’ve done in a set assignment. The reports can be viewed online on the Siyavula website and downloaded as Excel spreadsheets.

Find out more about our report features here

4. Textbooks

You can use the Siyavula textbooks, which you can find by clicking on Textbooks on the navigation bar. Our Grade 8 - 12 Mathematics and Grade 10 - 12 Physical Sciences textbooks contain interactive questions that learners can do. These are marked immediately and can be used in the classroom to see if learners understand a concept you're teaching.

5. Leaderboards

If you are on our Premium package, you can create class leaderboards for a class or across classes, to encourage a sense of competition among your learners. Find out here how to create a class leaderboard.

Updated on: 17/05/2023

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