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How to use Siyavula

Where to start

There are many ways you can use Siyavula to support your teaching objectives, and starting by answering the questions below will give you some guidance as to where to start.

Where do you want to use Siyavula?

You can use Siyavula as part of your teaching, by showing learners examples, or by asking them to work on questions in class. You can also use Siyavula for homework or extra revision outside the classroom.

What technology do you and your learners have access to?

If your learners have access to a phone or tablet in class, you’ll be able to give them questions to do as part of your teaching. If they don’t and you can project questions via a data projector, learners can work on Siyavula questions in groups or individually, in their workbooks. For homework or after-class assessments, learners will need an internet-enabled device or access to the school’s computer lab.

Which Siyavula package are you on?

The Siyavula package you are on will determine what features you’re able to access, and the ways in which you can use our system. For more details on our different teacher packages, follow this link.

Ways that work: how you can use Siyavula in your classroom

There are many different ways you can use Siyavula to support your teaching cycle. For ideas and step-by-step instructions on using Siyavula, visit the Siyavula for teachers section.

This is how we suggest you use Siyavula:

At the beginning of the year:

Do a baseline assessment
Get learners to set a goal for mastery
Tell parents they can create their own account to track their child's progress

During the year:

Set revision prior to starting a new topic
Use Siyavula's question bank in class
Set homework assignments (only available to teachers on our Premium and Explorer packages)
Set consolidation practice after teaching
Set an assignment for formative or summative assessments (only available to teachers on our Premium and Explorer packages)

At the end of the year:

Use the online past papers so learners can consolidate their knowledge and get ready for exams.

Download our Ways that work document for more details

Updated on: 17/05/2023

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