How to access leaderboards
If you scroll down on your Teacher Home page, you can click on the Class Leaderboards button under Classroom Tools to go to the leaderboard function.
You can also find Leaderboards in your dropdown menu at the top of your screen.

Creating leaderboards at your school
Using a leaderboard is a great way to create excitement and positive competition among your learners. Our leaderboards will give you a snapshot view of which learners are using Siyavula and working hard.

You can create:
A leaderboard for one class
Leaderboards across classes

How to create a leaderboard:

When you click on Leaderboards, you will see the list of all classes that you are linked to.
You can create a leaderboard for a single class or multiple classes. Select the class or classes you wish to create a leaderboard for by selecting the checkbox/es to the left of each class name.
You can also choose if you wish to create separate leaderboards for each class or combine the selected classes in one leaderboard. Once you’ve chosen, click on Create, at the bottom of the page.

Select the period you’d like to create the leaderboard for. You will be shown data for the current month, but you can create your leaderboard for:
The whole year
The last 30 days
The last seven days
The last hour

You can also choose your own time, by clicking on Own selection, entering the required date and time, and clicking Search.

The class leaderboards will then be displayed, showing data for the period you have chosen.
If no practice has been done by learners during the selected period, the table will show the following message: “There is no data available in table”. You can then change the period you are searching for.

If you’d like to create a leaderboard across all classes in a grade, make sure you’re linked to all the classes in that grade. We can link you to any classes you’d like to see.
Once you have the data you need, you can easily download a screenshot or a CSV, with a single click of a button.

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